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blog Our delicious sweet pointed peppers

The pointed pepper has become an indispensable part of the fruit and vegetable section in supermarkets. If we look at the Dutch market, we see that this pointed sweet pepper is becoming increasingly popular. Compared to the same period last year, total turnover in the Netherlands grew by 17%. That is huge. Since 2017, the number of pointed peppers sold by Levarht has more than doubled!

“The sweet pointed pepper is now a mature product. The growth generated by sweet pointed peppers stands alone and doesn't come at the expense of other types of peppers like the bell peppers or sweet bites.”

Why do consumers choose pointed peppers?

Convenience plays an increasingly important role in the purchasing process when it comes to fruit and vegetables.* A major advantage of the sweet pointed pepper is that it has fewer seeds and more produce than the traditional pepper. The seeds are all concentrated in the upper part. This makes cleaning a sweet pointed pepper quick and easy. The shape of the pointed pepper also contributes to the ease of use of the product and the excellent shelf life and rich sweet taste make the product even more appealing to the consumer.
You can go in all directions: the versatility factor also certainly plays a big role in the level of popularity.

Super fresh produce

A flower on the plant grows into a sweet pointed pepper within 12-14 weeks. The big advantage of a fully grown pepper: they can remain on the plant for up to 16 days, allowing the grower to harvest on demand and guarantee a super fresh product in the shops. The growth we have experienced with sweet pointed peppers is largely due to the conscious choice to work with selected partners in the Netherlands and Spain.

The season is changing. This means that we are going back to the Spanish variant, just as tasty and aromatic! Our partner Mabe in Spain has approximately 25 hectares in production, which runs from September to April. The yield is about 8 kilos of product per square meter – that's quite a lot! It is one of the fastest growing products in the Almeria region of Spain.

The future of pointed peppers

We expect the growth of sweet pointed peppers to continue. Besides the convenience factor, quality and taste will become increasingly important for consumers. This probably means even more boxes full of this excellent pepper variety in our warehouses!