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Levarht value chain

We want to bring people around the world together to achieve our common goal of making the freshest fruits and vegetables available to everyone in the world, all year round.
Our role is to connect the best partners in the chain. We do this by sharing knowledge and expertise, inspiring each other and ultimately achieving common goals. We bring the entire chain together: from farmers to growers, from logistics partners to retail. Bringing the best… together!

together with our network of farmers

We have built up an extensive farming network, with reliable and longstanding relationships. Some partnerships have been in place since the start of our family business!

retail partner in the broadest sense of the word

We are the link between growers and buyers all over the world. We help retailers move forward, through product optimisations, customer experience, shopper insights, market insights and shelf layout.

perfect match with tomorrow's demand

At Levarht we do everything we can to unburden our customers. But we are not only a problem solver, we are also your business accelerator. Our expertise:

  • product always available

  • promise is a promise

  • customised orders

  • top products from our farms

  • smart and innovative market solutions

  • more than 9 decades of knowledge & experience

successful by working together with all links in the chain

Are you curious how Levarht can help your business? Read our business cases and discover what we can do for you!