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join Levarht in a (more) healthy world

At Levarht we work towards a healthy world every day. Of course that starts at the source, with the purest, healthy products: vegetables and fruit! These products play a major role in a healthy society. We do everything we can to grow, package and transport our fruit and vegetables in the most environmentally friendly way possible. This requires a lot of cooperation with all links, as well as foresight and often a good dose of initiative.

together with our chain partners

Levarht plays an essential role in the food chain, from grower to consumer. And that is why we take our responsibility seriously. We believe that there are opportunities in the field of sustainability throughout the entire chain. We are tackling this together with our chain partners. Our own sustainability manager acts as a discussion partner for both the grower and retailer and as a link between the two. This way we can help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

ambitions for a sustainable business

We are making the Levarht building increasingly sustainable. LED lighting can be found throughout the building and we are actively separating waste. Our cooling installation will be replaced, which will reduce our water consumption by 80%. There are about 4000 solar panels installed on the roof, which enables us to generate almost 45% of our total consumption every year. We take a critical look at the packaging of our products. We prefer to use as little material as possible, or recyclable.

developing sustainability throughout the sector

We believe it is important to work together with other parties to make the sector more sustainable. We are therefore affiliated with the sustainability initiative for fruit and vegetables SIFAV (Sustainability Initiative Fruit and Vegetables), under the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) umbrella . This covenant also provides us with all kinds of tools, like the food print calculation, to test and improve our sustainability policy.

knowledge and innovation 100 club

We are a member of 'The 100 Club', consisting of suppliers in greenhouse horticulture. Together we ensure the financing of various long-term studies and projects. This type of research lays the foundation for the future of the sector, which faces enormous challenges. We consider it of great importance to maintain the Dutch knowledge infrastructure and strength of innovation.

common goals with our partner growers

We ensure as little impact on our environment as possible in all links of our fresh supply chain. We can make concrete agreements in the field of sustainable cultivation, mainly with our own cultivation locations. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of cultivation, we can take steps together.

societal contribution

At Levarht, we believe it is very important to support development and health initiatives locally, as well as at national and international level.

heartwarming initiatives

Partner of ChildsLife

ChildsLife provides assistance to more than 16,000 children each month with an extensive development program. They do this at schools in Kenya, Ecuador and Romania, and more.

Partner of ChildsLife

Levarht has already traveled to Kenya a number of times and, in collaboration with one of our growers, has provided vegetable seeds and supplies.

vegetables and fruit for the Food Bank Aalsmeer

We think it is hugely important that people who depend on the Food Bank are also offered enough healthy products.

vegetables and fruit for the Food Bank Voedselbank Aalsmeer

Another important factor is that this prevents unnecessary food waste.

we support the JOGG Aalsmeer

by making events (at schools and sports associations) healthier by sponsoring fruit and vegetables.

join us in creating a more sustainable world