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news Levarht invests in a sustainable future

Levarht ensures that people all over the world can enjoy fruit and vegetables. The fact that this is also done in a sustainable way may not be new, but it is newsworthy. Nature and the environment are important to Levarht, not only because it concerns the survival of the company, but also because it is Levarht's ambition to hand leave the world behind to the next generations in a responsible way. The role that Levarht plays in the food chain is essential and ranges from growers to consumers. This brings responsibility. That is why Levarht has been working for several years with a sustainability policy that is based on 4 pillars: sustainable farming, sustainable packaging -meaning less plastic-, sustainability HR and environmentally friendly business locations and facilities.

When it comes to environmentally friendly business locations, no fewer than 3,750 solar panels have been put into use in recent weeks. This investment equals 1 million kWh of electricity per year, which amounts to 40 to 45% of the total consumption. The beauty of the solar panels is that they do their job exactly when Levarht needs them most. On sunny days, Levarht sees an increase in energy consumption because the cooling machine has to work extra hard to keep the hall and the cold stores cool. So the sun not only increases energy consumption, but also generates more energy. In addition, the solar panels on the roof absorb the radiation, so that the rooms heat up less.

In addition to the initiatives related to the property, Levarht is in talks with partners in the chain to contribute to the reduction of plastic. This is an extension of the collaboration in the field of sustainable farming. Sustainable farming means that we, together with our growers, pay attention to the reduction of water consumption, crop protection products and fertilisers. Finally, we think it is vital to offer our employees a good and healthy working environment. Our green Monday menu, the fresh juices and the daily fresh meals, prepared by our own chefs, are good examples of this!