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blog Everything you want to know about zucchini

Zucchini is the unripe fruit of the cucurbita pepo plant, and is part of the cucumber family. The fruit is usually eaten as a vegetable; baked, boiled or in a stew. The Dutch word for 'zucchini' (courgette) is derived from the French language: it is a small of 'courge', which means pumpkin. Courgettes can be yellow and green, among others, and can also have a round shape.

The 'regular' green zucchini, as everyone knows it, is an elongated fruit with a length of between 10 and 25 centimetres. The smallest (maximum 30 cm) are the tastiest.

Popular with consumers
Zucchini are popular in Europe. Its soft texture makes it everyone's companion in the kitchen, child-friendly thanks to its mild taste and it likes to mingle with other vegetables, herbs and nuts. It is therefore also known as a 'convenience' vegetable.

You can't eat the ends of the zucchini, but you don't have to peel it. It can often be found in Italian cuisine; in the pasta, in an oven dish or thinly sliced ​​(raw) in a salad. The flowers of the zucchini plant are also edible and are called zucchini flower ; when filled with ricotta and gently fried they can serve as a delicious snack and are seen as a real delicacy.

Zucchini is also super healthy! It contains a lot of fibre and nutrients including vitamin C and minerals. In addition, zucchini is low in carbohydrates and contains very little calories. So you can eat a lot of it!


Zucchinis from Levarht
At Levarht we have zucchinis from Dutch and Spanish soil, all year round. In the Netherlands we get them from Limburg, in Spain we have partnerships with King Courgette and Coprohnijar, among others. This allows us to offer and deliver the zucchinis to our customers all year round, with a seamless transition through the seasons.

Trends and developments
The zucchini is a popular vegetable. It is easy to use and the figures clearly show that customers want to buy them. This year alone we brought home more than 161,300 batches of green zucchini!