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Sweetjuicy melon

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Levarht your melon specialist


The melon is one of our specialties, we have our own locations in South and Central America. As a result, we have a lot of knowledge, data and experience in the field of melons. In addition, we have high-quality partner growers in Spain, which means we can offer the same quality all year round. We see more and more innovation in the melon segment and we are on top of this, thanks to our close collaboration with growers!


The melon can be easily crossed into other varieties and therefore has a wide variety of different types. We offer a wide range and can supply melons in any desired way. The transport is arranged by Levarht: this saves costs and makes us extra efficient, for a good price and optimal quality. Our warehouses in the Netherlands and Belgium form our logistics HUB, through which we can supply any DC. As fast as possible and super fresh!

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