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Refreshing cucumber

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Levarht your cucumber specialist


The cucumber is one of our specialties. Available all year round, in the summer from Dutch greenhouses and in the winter from Spain. Only the best is good enough, which is why we offer the best products from our own growers and our sustainable farming partners. Our cucumbers are delivered very quickly. After harvesting, they are packed directly at the grower for the retailer. This ensures a super fresh product, without unnecessary intermediate links!


The cucumber is indispensable in the vegetable section, mainly because of its versatility. You can use cucumber cold on bread, in a salad or as a snack. But the cucumber is also delicious warm, as a cucumber soup, stuffed or in a stir-fry dish! Levarht offers different cucumber varieties in any desired packaging.

Our unique 'cucumber forecasting tool' allows us to share accurate forecasts with our partners. This helps to reduce waste and shortage!

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