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Versatile bell peppers

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Levarht your specialist in bell peppers


The bell pepper is one of our specialties. Available all year round, in the summer from Dutch greenhouses and in the winter from Spain. For the American market we work with Mexican growers and for customers in Japan we have production facilities in New Zealand. Thanks to the data and product information that we have built up, we can optimally advise and support (growers and retailers). Because the bell peppers are packed directly at our growers (any preferred method), we can deliver a fresh product very quickly!


Because the bell pepper comes in so many different shapes, sizes and flavours, there is something for everyone. There are endless variations of bell peppers. Besides the fact that the bell pepper is a delicious snack raw, this vegetable is popular for stir-frying, grilling or steaming. Peppers also contain many healthy nutrients. As a pepper specialist, Levarht offers an extensive range of this popular fruit vegetable

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