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Sustainable packaging Levarht plays important role in setting up a decision tree for sustainable packaging.

Sustainable packaging is an important part of Levarht's Sustainability Policy. That is why Levarht is part of the core team of the “Plastics in horticulture” program at Greenport West Holland, among other things.

Levarht has made an important contribution to the development of the Sustainable packaging decision tree in the core team. We have been able to translate our experiences with making packaging more sustainable and the difficult choices that have to be made in the decision tree into a method to find the answers more easily. This decision tree offers everyone in the chain who wants to make their packaging more sustainable a practical guideline to make the best choice.

With this we help the sector and our partners in the chain in making these often complicated choices. The decision tree will be continuously improved with feedback from the users. Download the sustainable packaging decision tree for free at